Welcome to our nursery!

   As you all know we believe in a gradual adaptation of children to nursery life. One week after starting nursery, most children are expected to spend a full day at the nursery

   However, real adaptation takes between 3 to 4 weeks. This period is a difficult time for children and their parents as children are separated from home for the first time. During the first month children go

   through what is known as “separation anxiety”.


   What to expect from a child during separation anxiety period ?

  • Some children feel insecure and become more attached to their parents (the mother in particular).
  • They would start following her everywhere even to the bathroom.
  •  Some children start having nightmares at night.
  •  Children who are already toilet trained can regress and begin wetting themselves again.
  •  Some children would become angry with their parents for sending them to the nursery and might  Become aggressive at home.
  •  Some children would stop eating at home.
  • Some children would be fine but start crying as soon as they see their parents just to make them feel guilty Some children would make themselves vomit just to go back home.
  • Some children would invent stories about their teachers to avoid going to the nursery.
  • In general children would start having tantrums.


At any rate, do not underestimate children! They are much stronger and Smarter than we think they are.


       What parents   SHOULD DO:

 They should explain to the child that they love him and that is why they are sending him to play with the teachers and other kids. Be careful! Some children think that they did something wrong and that the Nursery is a punishment for them. Hand them to their respective teachers at the door. Please bequick and firm. The more you hesitate at the door, the more the child gets attached to you. Usually children stop crying after 5 minutes.


  What parents SHOULD NOT DO:

    They should not show their separation anxiety to their children by crying (in front of them) or by hesitating to leave them at the door.

    They should not take the child back home if he started crying in the car because the child if the child will use this strategy every time he wants to go home.