Types of Activities

CIRCLE TIME : having a conversation, seeing who is absent, checking the weather , do a show & tell session , discuss a subject related to civics ( i.e. : safety, cleanliness, good manners …) , learning how to become independent ( how to wear a coat , how to brush one’s teeth …)


THEME WORK: learning new words and concepts about specific themes through observation of real objects and pictures, reviewing already taught concepts through the use of bulletin boards


ART: drawing, painting (all kinds), coloring, collage, cutting, play dough, drawing on chalk boards all sorts of handicrafts.


STORY : listening to a story, choosing a story from the library and looking at it, listening to a story on a tape, telling a story using large cardboard stories , felt board stories , magnetic board stories .


EDUCATIONAL GAMES: associating voices with pictures, matching, sorting, domino games, loto games, tracing and lacing, using all sorts of puzzles and other manipulative objects


GYM: gymnastic movements and running.


DRAMATIC PLAY: all kinds of pretend play, wearing costumes, imitating voices.


MUSIC: singing, playing musical instruments, listening to music, guessing melodies, dancing, naming musical instruments.


PSYCHOMOTOR SKILLS: exercises of equilibrium and body coordination using specific ASCO material, rhythmic movements.


FREE PLAY: Lego, building blocks, and other construction games.


OUTDOOR ACTIVITY: playing with water, free painting, planting.


MINI COOKING: preparing basic dishes in the kitchen


COMPUTERS: software designed for children between the ages of 18 months to 4 years. Teaching them how to manipulate a mouse to learn about shapes, colors and  other concepts.


Overhead projection.