Since you have to leave your child and come and pick him up every day at the door,

the system described below is set to keep you informed about him.



  • A daily child report will be sent on Le Barbar Smart phone application.
  • To find out about each group’s daily activities, please check the weekly schedule which will be posted inside the classes.
  • You will be able to discuss your child’s progress once a week when you comeand pick him up from class on the following days :

          Monday for “ Papillon”.

          Tuesday for “Bees& Lady bug .

          Wednesday for “ Coccinelle”


If you wish to have a lengthy discussion with your child’s teachers, please contact the office so that we can schedule an appointment for you.


  • At the end of each term, a progress report will be given to each child. 
  • If you would like to check on your child during the day, feel free to call us on