Please note that teachers are responsible for taking children to the toilet and for changing their diapers.

Apart from every child’s individual needs or requests, children who are toilet trained

go to the toilet twice a day (as in the schedule). These children are washed.

For children who still wear diapers,diaper changing is also done twice a day during toilet time (please check schedule).


Furthermore, please note that we toilet train children starting the age of 2 years and 3 months.

We consider that children who are younger may not be ready and we might not succeed in toilet

Training them. You will be informed when we start working with your child so that you work with

him \ her at home. Priority is given to children of older age. 



Illnesses and MEDICATION:

Although we work in collaboration with a pediatrician, we won’t be able to take care of sick

children and they will be sent them back home.

  • A child is considered sick if he shows any of the following symptoms:
  • A fever of 38.5 degrees C. and more.
  • A nasal discharge of yellow or green mucus.
  • An unexplained rash on any part of the body.
  • A known communicable disease that has not been treated by appropriate medication.
  • Any unexplained vomiting.
  • Two or more unexplained loose bowel movements within a period of 4 to 6 hours. 


Our policy does not allow us to administer any kind of medicine (not even Panadol) without

the authorization of one of the parents.

If a child was sick but is still under treatment you can bring the medicine with him to the nursery.

 In that case, you will have to fill out a form and sign it (we do not accept the signature of maids or drivers) for authorizing us to give him/her that particular medicine .We ask you to avoid giving us any type of medicine which has to be administered in an anal way.

Please find a sample of the “ authorization form to give medicine” at the end of the guide .




As you all know, children in a nursery are exposed to a large group of children, which in turn increases

the probability of small accidents. In case of injury, you will be informed about the accident in detail.

It is clear, however, that we are doing everything possible to try to eliminate that risk.


In case of a small accident, you will receive a form explaining what happened and what measures were taken. 

In case of major injuries, you will be contacted immediately while we take the child to the emergency.


Please note that all children are insured during our working hours.